Our Committees

Committees lead initiatives and advocate issues relevant to the Lindberg Park neighborhood. They facilitate progress and oversee execution on behalf of our association. As representatives, they communicate with the relevant parties, assert the Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association position, and periodically report to the general membership about current status.

Participation is strongly encouraged. All Lindberg Park residents are welcome to join and/or lead a committee. If you have a special interest/issue not covered by the active committees below, submit a new committee proposal for Board review.


The Lindberg Park Traffic & Lighting Committee will address existing and future issues related to neighborhood traffic (i.e. reckless driving, hazards, excessive cut-through traffic) and public outdoor lighting that impacts the safety of residents.  The Committee will strive to act as a repository for community members’ concerns and a conduit for addressing them with Culver City’s Public Works Department and any other applicable municipal agencies.  The Committee will work to develop relationships with City personnel who oversee traffic and lighting and maintain an open channel of communication with them.  The Committee will endeavor to meet once a quarter and provide regular updates to the Board and community members.


Ross Piro


The Emergency Preparedness Committee will help provide, in the event of an emergency, coordination, and communication within Lindberg Park and to Emergency Services, as needed. The committee will also maintain, organize, be responsible for and provide access to the emergency supply cabinet. The committee will also be involved with, and help coordinate Lindberg Park's participation in the annual Great Shake Out.


Mick Fenton

David Winslow


The purpose of the Social Engagement Committee is to foster a cohesive community by welcoming new neighbors, and organizing fun events for the entire community so neighbors can meet and socialize with each other. 


Ann Bishop


The Communications Committee will create and maintain communications channels and best practices to ensure streamlined communication across Lindberg Park residents. Channels include, but are not limited to, email, website, Facebook, flyer and events.


Mike Scarano

Peter Huang