2021 News

11-28 Lindberg Park Newsletter

Dear Lindberg Park Neighbors –

As 2021 closes, and life approaches a new normal, we thought we would sum up the activities here with the Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA). In lieu of an in-person neighborhood meeting, which is quarterly held at the Stone House, we extend this newsletter to provide an update on the LPNA activities. We are hoping to re-establish in-person meetings next year.  Fingers crossed.


The LPNA mission continues to “support the overall safety, community and well-being of the Lindberg Park neighborhood through community awareness, engagement and action.” As the Board, we strive to support the Association in this way by providing leadership, direction and action, as needed in our community.  We have tried to stay apolitical, but still try to provide information which impacts our community, and encourage our members to be involved. 

Board Members:

Our current board consists of Carolyn Wispe-Burns, Ann Bishop (Social Engagement), Janet Levine (Treasurer), Nina Harvey, David Winslow (President), Mike Scarano (VP), Ross Piro (Traffic and Lighting), Peter Huang (Tech. consultant) and Ellen Goodridge.  The last five have their terms expiring early next year, so we will hold virtual elections.  If you are interested in serving on our board, please contact us on the emails below!  Further information will be provided.

Major Issues involving Lindberg Park:

11111 Jefferson Blvd (Post Office) Re-Development: After numerous meetings with the community (including several with LPNA), the 11111 Jefferson Project was submitted to both the City Planning Commission and City Council, and was approved.  LPNA did not provide a support or no-support to the project, but many neighbors did provide direct opinions during the City Council meetings.

The project provides direct funding for Greenland Space.  The City Council provided clear direction that this funding (between $1-2M) be divided up between the three parks nearest the development, Lindberg Park being one of them.

Park Covered-Picnic Area Upgrade: The Culver City Parks And Recreation department has set aside funds for the upgrade of the picnic area near the Stone House.  This funding is independent of the funds mentioned above. The new area will be ADA compliant and provide new benches, awnings and pathways.  Direct neighborhood involvement ensured that the plans were updated to preserve a much loved tree in the middle of the area.

Single Family Residence Zoning: LPNA has not taken a stand on this topic, as some residents support eliminating single family residence zoning, and some don’t.  The Board agrees this would likely impact the neighborhood, and has tried to provide information to the members to help them make up their own mind, and encourage them to use their voice to express their opinion.  Currently, the State of California Senate Bill 9 has removed the SFR Zoning 

but we have not seen this specifically incorporated into our community. There are several local groups who are trying to fight these actions.  We encourage you to look into these matters and be active. 

SB9 link:   https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=202120220SB9

Traffic and Lighting:

No updates at this time, but we are actively working with the City to make our neighborhood safer and hope to have positive news to share in the New Year.

Social Engagement:

We were excited to see the Annual Lindberg Park Fourth of July Party this year!!!  Woot! Woot!  Thank you to our friends who run this every year.  They do an amazing job.

The SEC has continued to provide a “Welcome” package for new residents to the neighborhood. Developed with the City Hall, the package contains information on the City Services, including City Arts Program, Recycling and Sanitation programs, and Bus information. Each package also includes some home-baked surprises from one of our Board members!  

Neighborhood Watch and Emergency Preparedness:

The LPNA was formed almost as an outgrowth of the strong Neighborhood Watch program which has been vital in our community for over 30 years!  We ask every resident to keep an eye out for each other, and report incidents and issues appropriately, whether to emergency services, animal control or other services.

The Neighborhood Watch and Emergency Preparedness Committees are beginning to go through some changes and updates, which we hope to roll out at the beginning of next year. 

Police Report Summary:

The crime statistics for the past year in Lindberg Park shown below are from CCPD.

Theft – 14

Motor Vehicle Theft – 2

Aggravated Assault – 2

Residential Burglary – 3

Commercial Burglary – 3

Commercial Robbery – 4

If you do see something suspicious in the neighborhood, please contact CCPD immediately.  

If you have been a victim of a crime, please contact CCPD and have a report generated, this will allow the activity to be officially reported and tracked in the database.  Many neighbors have not seen known activities in the database because a report was not requested by the victim.

Remember, please lock your houses and your cars, remove any valuables from your cars. And slow down when driving in the neighborhood, especially with so many extra cyclists, walkers and runners around the park.

Thank you again for your support of the Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at lindberg.park@gmail.com

Thank you.

David Winslow – President, LPNA

Mike Scarano – Vice President, LPNA

11-07 Burglary Report

Last night (Saturday, 11/6/21) the CCPD responded to a burglary report at a home near the intersection of Westwood and Virginia. Both drones and canine were deployed, but no suspects were found. 

As always, review your home-security plan. Ensure that all doors and windows are locked when you leave home. Consider installing motion-based light detectors (without lighting up your neighbor's house!), a motion-based home-security system, and external security cameras.

Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association