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2019-10-06 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

2019-04-08 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

The newly elected board of directors met on April 8, 2019 to finalize the by-laws, elect positions and discuss association business moving forward.

2019-03-20 Visioning Committee Meeting Notes

Guest Speaker: Ashley Hefner, Advance Planning Manager, Culver City.

The General Plan is a city's blueprint or constitution for future development.

It sets the community's long-range vision and establishes clear goals, objectives, strategies and actions to guide the community through its next 20 plus years of change towards that vision.

Why updates and why now? A State requirement that needs to be fulfilled. Parts of the existing document dates back to 1968. Culver City has changed and will continue to change. How will we respond to and plan for change?

Neighbor's concerns:

 1. Impact of surrounding Los Angeles development, such as Overland/Washington and Jefferson/La Cienega.

 2.Pedestrian access to Shopping Centers for more walk ability and safety, such as Target, PetSmart and Pavillion.  

3. Dangerous Intersections leaving LP, such as Overland/Ocean, Dobson/Jefferson.  Dangerous cross walks for students crossing the foot bridge at Ocean/Westwood. 

Information and videos of past Vision Workshops can be seen at www.culvercity.org/generalplan.

Learn about the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC): https://www.culvercity.org/city-hall/general-plan-advisory-committee.

Next Vision Workshop by City of Culver City is on April 25, 2019. Dynamic Parking Pricing with guest speaker Dr. Donald Shop. Event details: https://www.culvercity.org/Home/Components/Calendar/Event/5536/18

2019-04-03 Water First... for disaster preparedness

In honor of Earthquake Preparedness Month (April), Christine Parra at the at CCFD is initiating another Water First program. This allows residents of Culver City to purchase 55 gallon water containers and all accessories at a bulk discount and pick them up at Fire Station One.

All orders must be received by April 15. To order go to http://moreprepared.com/culver-city-residents.

2019-03-03 cicLAvia in Culver City

CicLAvia - Culver City Meets Mar Vista + Palms

Join us for the first CicLAvia of 2019! On March 3rd Culver City, Mar Vista and Palms will host the country’s largest open streets event! Streets will be closed to cars and open for cyclists, pedestrians, runners and skaters to use as a recreational space. 

New to CicLAvia? Here are some things you need to know for March 3rd:

2019-02-06 Culver City is 100% Green Power!

Excerpt from Culver City official website. Full article here: https://www.culvercity.org/how-do-i/learn/clean-power-alliance.

“Culver City is excited to announce that our community will soon enjoy the advantages of clean, renewable power at competitive rates! Starting in February 2019 for residential customers and May 2019 for non-residential customers, Clean Power Alliance will be the new electricity provider for our community.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment and building resiliency, Culver City has chosen 100% Green Power as the default option for our community, which provides 100% renewable energy content and gives residents and businesses the opportunity to join us in being environmental champions leading the way to a greener future. Because we’re also committed to equity, customers enrolled in discount programs such as CARE and FERA will be enrolled in 100% Green Power but charged the same rates as they were previously paying to Southern California Edison (SCE), and therefore will see no bill impact while participating in the green economy.

The best part is: the choice is yours! 100% Green Power will be the default selection for our residents and businesses, but we understand the diverse needs of our community so if you decide 100% Green Power is not the best fit, you can change your service by selecting one of Clean Power Alliance’s other two rate options: Lean Power, which provides 36% renewable content at the lowest possible cost, and Clean Power, which provides 50% renewable content and the opportunity to support building a cleaner future. For more information contact Clean Power Alliance at customerservice@cleanpoweralliance.org or 888-585-3788.”

2019-03-17 Inaugural General Meeting

The first general meeting will be Sunday March 17, 2019 at the Lindberg Park Stone House. All residents are encouraged to come. We will discuss the formation of the Neighborhood Association, vote on by-laws and elect a board of directors. 

If you have questions or concerns, contact the planning committee via Contact Us.

2019-02-04 Neighborhood Association Planning Meeting Minutes

Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes


Ira: Welcome to the Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association planning meeting

Day-to-day issues

Organized neighborhoods survive disasters

We’ve discussed:

Introduction of attendees - 17 in attendance

Proposed goals of this meeting

Identify president

Identify board members


Review of Plans

Q/ Plans for incorporation?

A/ California Unincorporated association - recognized loose association that isn’t that binding. But there can be liability involved.

Q/ What would this group do beyond neighborhood watch?

A/ Neighborhood watched primarily has coordinated with police/safety. We’ve branched into disaster preparedness, traffic, visioning. An intent to broadening the scope of what can be accomplished.

Q/ What about liability associated with medical professionals who might get involved?

A/ Most likely good samaritan rules and personal insurance

Q/ Can we share in the city’s general liability?

A/ We’re not an official entity; we don’t have officer’s insurance which is very expensive and not typical of what groups like this do.

Q/ With 450 homes, can we look at broadening communications?

A/ Plan is all overseen by the bylaws, so we’ll move on to those.


Q/ Can we broaden to other means of voting other than at meetings?

A/ (Discussion, no general direction)

Q/ How do we define membership?

A/ Defined in bylaws

Q/ Geographic boundaries?

A/ A map may be helpful.

Q/ Annual meeting in the last quarter of the meeting tends to fall where there are many holidays. Maybe 1st quarter might fit better?

A/ During or shortly after could include the first quarter.

Comment: Dues; tricky issues; we’ve had success with fundraising.

Q/ Experience of the other associations? Levels of activity?

A/ Culver Crest (non-mandatory dues), Fox Hills. Culver Crest sometimes has 40-50 people, sometimes a small or large crowd.

Comment: Can change to a voluntary dues system; Dave will update, board of directors ⅔ or general meeting + clean up map.

Comment: Rancho Higuera as example of a group that organized to get some issues handled

Q/ Turnover opportunities-- possibly term limits?

A/ Possibly describe as consecutive terms. Perhaps limits don’t apply if there are no candidates. Possibly require a limitation on specific positions, like the president. Goal of terms was to balance continuity with rotation.

Comment: aim has always been to bring more people in. The challenge has always been to find people that will commit. We want to be sensitive to getting young people involved; broadening our scope?

Q/ Review of bylaws

A/ Can people rotate to different positions on the board. Term limits on president and vice president. Some positions like treasurer, might have a benefit for continuity.

Q/ How many are in favor of adopting the bylaws with discussed changes?

A/ (large number - uncounted hands)

Q/ Boundaries>

A/ Not sure about Heritage Park for example. We’ve always invited Heritage Park, but participation has been helpful. 


Communication has always been challenging.

Q/ Can we do a newsletter?

A/ We could; we have not. Electronically? Signage.

Comment: “Check on the latest burglary” resulted in large attendance.

Comment: We don’t have a hospitality committee.

Comment: community engagement committee

Comment: newsletter is not a bad idea; electronically, flyer, facebook

Comment: Website has different specialized sections

Q/ Does the board have to authorize committees?

A/ Per bylaws, directed by the board.

Comment: traffic is a concern, needs to be a committee; find fragmented groups and provide a forum to meet; maybe coyote issues or other passions.

Q/ How are committees run? Do they have autonomy to act?

A/ Generally done through charters; committee adopts a charter for scope; board votes on charter. Committee might be scoped to act behalf of the board or to report back.

Comment: It would be helpful to have this communicated through the newsletters

Comment: Established committees - eg. 4th of July committee? Need to figure out how to work with existing groups.

Comment: Let’s see how it goes; the organization will go through growing pains.

Q/ Does the committee lead the conversations or everyone who is participating? Would like to get more people involved.

A/ Not strictly defined in the bylaws.

Comment: With disaster preparedness, it’s not just the medical supplies.

Comment: the board should try to co-ordinate and connect with the appropriate committees. We don’t want to get bogged down in minutia.

Comment: Communication plan; start by starting; evolve over time

Comment: It has to be something before you can talk about what it is.

Proposal: Pick 9 people to form our initial board.

Or… invite everyone to a meeting to discuss, hold a meeting, and vote (maybe electronically).

Propose a board and add write-ins

Maybe announce on FB page to communicate.

Using FB eliminates many people.

Propose a slate; call for nominations by a certain date.

Can we have a motion?

Suggestion: get emails, door to door, and start talking. Foundation is somewhat set, and get more people involved. Leave room for write-ins.

Q/ What is the number of board members (maybe minimum of 9, maximum of 15).

Recommend a slate.

Q/ Is there a committee sign-up mechanism at the meeting? Maybe introduction of committees.

Comment: We have a lot of ideas, but we don’t have consensus yet. Concern: what is realistic communication?

Comment: We don’t have 450 emails. How about getting the web site going and get flyers out? Let’s not make emails a dependency.

Q/ What about block captains?

Comment: We could still have the block captains involved; they have been a mainstay of communication.

Comment: Maybe delay committee setup; direct people to the website with bylaws; emails may be challenging to get.

Comment: Coordinate with David/Ira for participation on the slate.

Comment: Ideally have some geographic diversity; maybe consider it when forming a slate. Word the communication to welcome others so as not to communicate elitism.

Proposal: Elect the initial board from the block captains.

Comment: There are people who want to be involved who aren’t block captains.

Comment: Let’s get our next meeting set up

Q/ To the room-- do you want to be involved; it’ll be work ironing things out; need people who want to go for it.

Proposal: Have a slate, by-laws, and have some committees pre setup with signup sheets. If we have 150 people.

Q/ Do the bylaws specify how often the board will meet?

Q/ Annual meeting + time-to-time.

Comment: How about quarterly and set expectations.

Comment: Annual meeting of the membership once a year; general meetings more frequently.

Q/ What should be public.

A/ All board meetings should be public.

Comment: Article 5.1 meeting, 5.2 location; annual meeting (1)

Wrap-up and how many people in favor of proceeding.

Show of hands: (uncounted - most hands raised)



Forming a Board

2019-02-02 Culver City circa 2045 A.D.

Imagine our city in 20-30 years. What do you see? How do you feel? What do you want here in Lindberg Park for future generations?

The city is embarking on its first-ever comprehensive General Plan Update - tackling questions like this for Culver City. A city’s general plan is comprised of nine main elements - including Housing, Land Use, Conservation, Recreation and Open Space. It is a city’s blueprint, or constitution, for future development. It documents the city’s long-range vision and establishes clear goals, objectives, and actions to guide the community through its next 20 to 30 years of change.

As the city looks to the community overall, the Lindberg Park Visioning committee focuses on the future of Lindberg Park specifically.  We work hand-in-hand with the city’s larger efforts, and are the facilitator to ensure Lindberg Park is represented. What are the values we want to uphold, the environment we want to leave behind, and culture we want our sons and daughters to share?

Join the Lindberg Park Visioning Committee and share your hopes and dreams for the future. Help shape our city but more importantly our neighborhood Lindberg Park. 

2019-02-02 Thank you Neighborhood Watch

Lindberg Park has a dedicated network of unsung heroes called the Neighborhood Watch - led by Ira Diamond and a team of block captains. For over 30 years, this group has created and maintained emergency disaster resources for our residents, built relationships with the city and kept the larger neighborhood apprised of crime and safety issues affecting Lindberg Park.