Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association

In light of the robbery on the Ballona Creek bike path on May 25th , and other recent criminal activity in Culver City, the Lindberg Park Neighborhood Association has organized a Community Meeting with Chief Jason Sims of the Culver City Police Department for June 8th at 6:30pm at the Stone House in Lindberg Park.

Chief Sims will be discussing recent crime trends, quality of life issues, crime prevention efforts, general safety tips, and answering any questions LP residents may have.

Welcome Neighbors

Residents of Lindberg Park have self-organized to create an official neighborhood association to support the overall safety, community and well-being of the Lindberg Park neighborhood through community awareness, engagement and action.

COVID-19: We encourage you to visit the Culver City Coronavirus resource page or California’s vaccination plan page for updates. Also, check out the News section for recent updates.


We have several active committees to lead and monitor particular issues.  Whenever a new topic comes up, the board usually forms a committee.

All Lindberg Park residents are encouraged to participate in and/or lead a committee.


Committee founded 40+ years ago and dedicated to safety and disaster preparedness for Lindberg Park residents.


Committee responsible for maintaining emergency supplies and creating the disaster plan of action for the neighborhood.


Committee responsible for working with Culver City public works on traffic and lighting improvements in Lindberg Park.


Committee created to inform and facilitate Lindberg Park visioning and input into the Culver City General Plan Update.


The purpose of the Social Engagement Committee is to foster a cohesive community by welcoming new neighbors, and organizing fun events for the entire community so neighbors can meet and socialize with each other.


Maintains  neighborhood communications including a Neighborhood email distribution list, sending Board-produced emails to distribution, managing all Gmail communications at, and maintaining the Lindberg Park website.